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SEO Basics Quiz

1. What does SEO stand for?
2. Which HTML element is most important for defining the title of a document for SEO?
3. Which of the following is considered a 'black hat' SEO tactic?
4. What is the main purpose of search engine spiders?
5. What does the term 'SERP' stand for?
6. Which factor is most important for improving page load times?
7. What is the recommended maximum length for a title tag?
8. What is a 'nofollow' link?
9. What is meant by 'backlink'?
10. What is an XML Sitemap used for?
11. Which Google algorithm update was focused on the quality of content?
12. How does Google Analytics help your SEO efforts?
13. What is considered the most important factor in SEO?
14. What is a "canonical" tag used for?
15. What does "organic traffic" refer to?
16. Which meta tag should be used to provide search engines with a brief description of a page's content?
17. Which of the following statements is true about mobile SEO?
18. What is the primary purpose of alt text for images?
19. Which backlink would be considered the most valuable?
20. What is meant by "keyword cannibalization"?

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